The Siemens Business Conference (SBC) is a management conference on a high corporate level. The challenge is to develop new ways of communicating your strategy and core messages while engaging the participants.

After last year’s successful Siemens Business Conference, this time there was a significant upgrade to the stage setup, which consisted of 6 large LED screens, each measuring 3 by 2 m, which were held and cheographed by controllable industrial robot arms. What sounds a little crazy was actually crazy and challenging at the same time.

As in the previous year, we were responsible for the concept, design, animation and programming of the graphic content for the two-day conference. Once again, we worked with the agency Feedback Communication to develop a graphic appearance and package for the event motto “Cracking the code”.

A major focus was on the opening animation, which was impressively staged with the interaction of dancers and at the end of which the CEO of Siemens, Roland Busch, entered the stage through the opening LED screens.

The technical setup of the LED screens moving through the robot arms, which even seamlessly clicked into place to form a large screen, should be emphasized at this point.

The company CUEBOT was responsible for the robots. The programming connection of the robots and the moving LED screens to the real-time rendering software “Ventuz” used by us was carried out by Greenpost.

Once again, the event was a great success and impressively reflected the innovative strength of industry giant Siemens.

Client: SIEMENS / Content-Agency: FEEDBACK
October 2023
robot-assisted speech support