to get everyone fired up we simulated a rocket launch with the entire venue

the rocket is driven vertically into the launch position
and then fired through the 5 themed worlds

the final ride guides the shuttle over an abstract planet
past representatives of all vsquared startups.

the presentations were embedded in moving image worlds
and thus assigned to their respective thematic fields.

background loops for the different theme worlds

moods from the journey

moods from the journey

VSQUARED meeting

vsquared ventures joins and supports start up companies from the fields of science and progress.
The vsquared AGM 2022 should inform all participants about the current state of the startups but also create a sense of community.
Shareholders should know that they are on a common path to the top.

Munich techno club BLITZ was suitable for a dynamic event because of its futuristic structure and elongated shape.
The striking wooden panels were brought to life by LICHTGESTALTEN using projection mapping and, together with the central LED wall, formed a spatial unit.

I had the task of filling this space with 3-dimensional worlds that corresponded to the themes and moods of the speakers' areas of expertise.
The entire evening was seamlessly integrated into a voyage of discovery in a jointly launched spaceship.

Design, Animation;
April 2022
presentation / projection mapping